IMCS Training

Instruction in IMCS covers an extensive range of self-defence and awareness  methods that reflect the Instructor's 29 years experience in self-defence and martial arts. Very few schools offer such a diverse range of tuition. Whilst it is limiting to confine the curriculum to specific techniques or areas of combat, training in general covers the following skill sets:

Awareness Training, Risk Avoidance & Combat Philosophy

Avoiding conflict is the main ethos of self-defence. As a student you will taught how to increase your awareness and minimize your vulnerabilities throughout your daily life. The correct approach to training will also be covered along with The Technique Map - an integral part of our approach to self-defence.

The Jeff Cooper Combat Mindset

Self-Defense and UK Law

Awareness Training

Conflict Avoidance

Combat Impact Factors

The OODA Loop

Signs of Imminent Attack

Equalizer Tactics

Realistic Training Philosophies

Fatal Tendencies

The Technique Map

Unarmed Combat Training

Unarmed combat is the backbone of all physical self-defence skills. This area of training is covered extensively with instruction against all possible attack scenarios. We will help you develop simple, effective combat skills that best fit your body type and work under stress.

Unarmed Combat

Stances and Postures

Evasive Movement

Blocking and Parrying Methods

Striking Methods

Pressure Points and Counter Measures

Rolling and Breakfalling Methods

Hand/Body Escapes

Counter Measures to Submissions /Attempted Joint locks

Throwing Techniques and Takedowns

Edged Weapon Defense Training

Of concern to most people is the threat of knife or edged weapons. Knowing how a knife can be used is a prerequisite of edged weapon defence. We will explain the dangers of edged weapons, how they are carried, concealed and used. Simple effective techniques are taught that will work under stress. 

Knife Defense Combat Techniques

Knife vs Knife Combat Techniques

Stances and Postures

Evasive Movement/Blocking and Parrying Methods

Knife Cutting Methods

Gun Defense Training

The growing gun culture and glamorization of firearms means that this is becoming a common and very real threat to the personal safety of the general public. Unarmed defence against a holdup involving a firearm is a last resort. We provide instruction in self-defense maneuvers against various scenarios.

Defensive Maneuvers Against Gun Hold Ups and Threats

Defense Against Third Party Gun Hold Ups and Threats

Stick Combat Training

The stick is one of the oldest weapons of self-defence - and the most effective. Instruction covers not only striking and blocking with the weapon but how to subdue and control an attacker as well.

Spontaneous Defence Drills

Double Stick Drills

Stick Combat Techniques - including using the weapon in grappling

Stick Striking Methods

Stick Blocking and Parrying Methods

Choking/Submission and Controlling Methods

Stick Disarming Methods

Takedowns and Throws Utilising The Stick

Stick Defense Training

The stick is a common weapon of opportunity, capable of doing an incredible amount of damage even by the untrained. We provide instruction in all possible  scenarios that you might be faced with on the street.

Defensive Techniques Against A Stick Wielding Attacker

Defensive Techniques and Counter Measure Against Stick Restraints

Special Training

Additional elements of training include such aspects as outdoor training, character development, conditioning and fitness development,  training in street clothes, breaking techniques and impact training, flexible weapons, additional weapons and the use of improvised weapons.